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Free perpetual license for academic researchers

Please follow the instructions below to get your free perpetual academic license:

  1. Download the free trial
  2. Install and launch it
  3. Get the computer id from VectorFriends>Help>About VectorFriends
  4. Email the following to using your institutional email address
    • The computer id
    • How did you hear about us
  5. You will receive your free perpetual academic license within 72 hours
  6. Import or enter your free academic license
30-day free trial for non-academic researchers

Please simply select your downloads below to receive your fully functional 30-day free VectorFriends trial now! We will not share your contact information to any third party.

After the trial ends, VectorFriends will run in basic mode and your data still remain accessible.

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64-bit Windows Mac(coming soon)
Download 1.2
Please ignore the security warning

Previous downloads
Download 1.1.3
System requirements
OS: Windows XP+ or Max OS 10.6+
Memory: 2GB or more RAM
Hard Disk: 200 MB or more of free space
Monitor: 1024X768 resolution or higher
Release notes (version 1.2)